This little girl of ours..... all girl! Pink and purple, dancing, singing, princesses, skirts and dresses (of the twirly variety, of course :), dress up, baby dolls, Barbies... you get the picture. So I was not in the least bit surprised when she did so well with her "test" ballet class over the summer (a 4 week course to see if it's going to be something they like before committing to several months of classes). I mean, music, dancing and being surrounding with other little girls? It was basically her version of heaven. So, since it was about one million percent up her alley, we are planning to continue with it in September (if I can ever get anyone to call me back about which class to sign her up for... 2's, 3's??). I see adorable performances in our future!

I also have a few videos that I really need to get to fiddling with to share. I will get on that as soon as I have the time and motivation :) Once I get it done, I'll let yall know!



Our most recent camping trip came about in much the same way as the previous ones, Jordan found a way to squeeze in a few days off last minute and off we went in search of better weather.

Side note: I'm never really part of the planning when it comes to these trips, they're all Jordan and they're always sprung on me no more than a few days before we leave. Not that I mind, I'm pretty  much always up for an adventure. And when it's time for us to head to the ocean or to peep at some leaves, those are all me. I don't know that we've ever actually planned a single trip together :) Anyway....

We stopped in Tucumcari, NM on the first day, and got to Red River, NM on the Fourth.
^^ I would highly recommend Dairy Bar! Great root beer float (among other things :) ^^ 

^^ A nice relaxing ride to to the top of the mountain.... unless of course you're 2 years old or in the company of a 2 year old and then it's kinda just a long ride :) ^^

^^ Nice view from the top though ^^

We also saw a good firework show that night in Eagle Nest, NM. The best part was definitely the fact that we watched them while cozying up in a sleeping bag in the back of the truck with popcorn and gummy worms :) The sleeping bag part being the real highlight, though the other bits are obviously worth mentioning.

The following day we headed out toward Carson National Forest to find a spot for the next couple of nights, and stopped at Wild Rivers Recreation Area along the way. Very cool place, definitely worth a stop if you're in the area. It's  where the Red River and Rio Grande merge leaving this area with steep cliffs/canyons/crevices on both sides (I don't really know the geological specifics when categorizing these things). I don't think it'd be the best place to camp because it's quite exposed (though I'm sure plenty of people would absolutely love it and the actual sites may be more protected than the viewing area). Regardless, it is definitely a good area for at least a day trip or even just a quick looksie. It looked like there were a couple of really cool hikes, but we didn't attempt them since we were both sporting velcro Tevas and didn't have any sort of carrying device for Adelaide. You know, didn't seem like ideal circumstances for hiking way down there vv 

 ^^ Notice Jordan's socks + sandals and the one rolled up pant leg (left over from the bike ride earlier in the day). Calm down ladies, he is t-a-k-e-n ;)

After looking around there for a while and eating some lunch we drove the rest of the way to Carson National Forest. For anyone who doesn't know: you can camp anywhere, "dispersed camping" in a National Forest, you just have to follow a few guidelines. You're not going to have access to potable water, electric, toilets, etc, but a lot of high use areas (like Carson National Forest) have lots of undesignated sites that get a lot of use with fire rings and clear areas for tents or campers, and it's freeYou should be able to get any info you may need from the local BLM or National Forest Office on your way in or of course you can always ask Google. Google knows everything about everything.

^^ The stream running near our site ^^ 

^^ Gathering firewood. Luckily we have Adelaide to help with the heavy lifting ;) ^^

 ^^ That mean face... grr :(  ^^

And for anyone wondering how the sleeping situation works out in the camper... it's pretty much great. Here's the proof:

^^ Adelaide is in that pile, see the arm. And that's me to the right. Not a clue when or why Jordan was awake. ^^

I'm hardcore hoping Jordan will snag some time off in the fall for a camping trip out East. I'd love, love, love to get back up to New England, but it's so far maps don't even show the time in hours... nope, it's day form! So, I'm not holding out hope for that, but the Blue Ridge Mountains maybe? I think it'll be my turn to plan.

Oh, there's also a vlog from this trip!



You know when you're staaaaarving and you pull up to the restaurant and see a school bus in the parking lot? And you're like "Aww, sh-t!". Well imagine that and add to it an hour long drive to get there. Then swap out the, let's say hour or so to eat with two+ hours of crowding around exhibits and the zoo. And then take that single bus and multiply it by a gillion.... okay, maybe not a gillion, but 25. It'll feel like a gillion though. Yep, that was our day. The most ironic part? We specifically went yesterday to avoid the crowds. To go while all 5-18 year olds couldn't. Note to future self: Call ahead to check for field trip day.

But, we managed and got cupcakes to boot. So take that Bad Timing Gods. We win! If you wanna see a little bit of our day, check out the vlog on my YouTube Channel.



The SacconeJolys. Anyone familiar? They're a super cute Irish family with whom I've become maybe just slightly leaning towards embarrassingly invested in recently. Shall I list the reasons why they're so great? Or would that push me from slightly leaning towards embarrassing to full-on SacconeJoly obsessed weirdo? I don't think that's a risk I feel like taking right now, so I'm just going to skip the list.

Anyway, I've been watching them a lot (Adelaide loves watching Emilia!) and that's what inspired me to pull the camera out over the weekend. As awkward as I feel while recording, I really enjoy editing and having something to share with yall. And, I think it's just the kind of stuff that will be so sweet to look back on in a few months and even more so in a few years. It's so easy to remember to pull out the camera for the big moments, but it's those everyday memories that are so easy to take for granted and I really want to try to hang on to them. The way Adelaide rambles on and on, the wonkey way she runs :), the way she talks... that sweet little voice, and those expressions! Those regular things we do, see and hear so often, but forget to remember...

Also, just a couple things:

1. I didn't realize just how in my face the camera was, so I'll try to remedy that next time. Not sure how since I was holding it as far away as I could.... something to think on.

2. Sorry about the extreme shakiness. Again, something I'll work on next time. 

So if you still wanna watch head over to my YouTube Channel! If you enjoy it, please be sure to give it a thumbs up or comment or let me know somehow and maybe I'll try to do another soon! Also, are there any other kinds of videos yall might be interested in me doing? Let me know!

P.S. This vlog took over a day, over 24 hours to upload! What is up with that?!?! That's what I'm dealing with here. Grrr!


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