Our little guy turned one! I have quite a few photos to share, so I'll let those do most of the talking... We started off the day with a fun balloon filled crib just Adelaide had on her first birthday.

And since his birthday was the day before Easter this year, we rounded out the day with an Easter/spring themed birthday party, complete with a Daniel Tiger cake for the birthday boy. I had a bit of a hard time figuring out how to get the spring/Easter theme going for a boy, but in the end, I think it turned out really cute! 

^^ He dug into his cake before we even started singing! ^^ 

And the kids had tons of fun between a bounce house, of which I have no good photos :( and an Easter egg hunt with special "baby eggs" stuffed with Mercer's favorite crackers, graham bunnies, and yogurt drops, and eggs for the "big" kids... I'm having a really hard time accepting that Adelaide is becoming one of the big kids!


And to round out Mercer's birthday weekend, a visit from the Easter Bunny!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and helped make Mercer's 1st birthday a blast (for him and Adelaide)! 

A few of things about Mercer's past month or so: Things have been improving! He still doesn't love the car, although that's been improving ever so slightly (we all survived a 3-hour car ride for his first camping trip a few weeks ago! Post on that coming soon.) He's been happier with less crying overall, playing on his own more, and napping pretty well and consistently. Our one continuing sleep problem is that morning wake up; he's still waking up sometime between 6-7am for a bottle pretty much every day, so that's probably the next issue we'll need to tackle. Other than that, the bottle/weaning process is going really smoothly! He switched over to regular milk with no issue at all and is down to just that morning bottle and a bedtime bottle. And, he has no problem with drinking milk from a cup at meal times, which is super lucky! He's been standing on his own and starting to take a few steps. He's talking a bit, his most consistent word is still "Mama" which is good with me ;) He does say "Dada" and "Ada" (Adelaide), though not with a ton of consistency. He's said "Book" a couple of times and points out every "Bir" (bird) he sees, as well as whispers some sort of "kitty" type of sound/word when he sees the neighborhood cat. He signs: more, all done, milk, water and eat and is already showing us just what the toddler years are probably going to have in store for us on the fit throwing front :( He's typically a pretty good eater, but loves throwing food he doesn't want in the floor and unceremoniously swipes everything off of his tray when he's done. He is a climber - I've already nearly had a heart attack after discovering him standing on Adelaide's stool at the bathroom sink, standing on one of her chairs and standing in one our full sized rocking chairs. He climbs the stairs to Adelaide's playhouse regularly, and loves taking the slide head first... boy through and through! He is always happier when he's outside and adores his big sister more than anything... or at least equally as much as he adores his mom when she spends the majority of her day with him on her hip... And Adelaide has really taken to him over the past few months as well, actually playing with him and asking if he can go play with her (outside, in her room, in the playroom) and that has been so awesome to see! 

We love you Mercer! Happy birthday and many, many more!



Just popping in quickly to share sweet photos from our visit to see the Easter Bunny this year. As hard of a time as our babies have given us throughout their first couple of years (I guess Mercer still has time to turn that around, but I'm not gonna hold my breath), they've always been so enamored with the Easter Bunny and Santa (minus that one time :) that getting great photos has been an absolute dream!

Now on to the other million things on my to-do list for today... the countdown to Mercer's 1st birthday is on (Less than 2 weeks!!), and it has put my already seemingly endless to-do list into a whole new state of crazy! But, I do feel comfortable promising a one-year post for our little mister... I just make no promises on when you can expect it :)

Also, hello SPRING!



Coming to you one more time for my very favorite day of the holiday season, Christmas Eve! All of the excitement and anticipation make this the most fun day of all if you ask me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a happy Christmas!





Time to squeeze in another Mercer update just before he turns 9 months old and I'm behind even more!

7 Months: I have to look back at Mercer's baby book for these posts since I'm doing them so long after the fact, and here's a direct quote from his book, "Not gonna lie, you've been a real turd this month." Ha! I like to be honest in their baby books. It's funny to look back on (months and years later) and to have real memories rather than just the highlights. Plus, I'll be able to use it against them later with specific details ;) So anyway, yep, we were still struggling through his entire 6-months-old month. He wasn't napping well and he started waking up earlier at night to eat (2:30ish) and earlier in the mornings. So sleep was a big thing. I think this was around the time I started offering him a bottle as well before bed just in case he wasn't getting enough from me, or in case it would hold him over longer. He started regularly babbling "Mamama" and his bottom 2 teeth came in, he started sitting up on his own and had his very first Halloween (alien!). That seems so long ago!

He Loves - Being held and in the Ergo; Adelaide, anything, and everything to do with her! Not to toot my own horn, but he's loving Mommy! It melts my heart the way his face lights up when he sees me :) He also starts to cry when he sees me come in from somewhere else ( and I don't come right to pick him up), that part isn't so cool; his favorite food is pears and he loves Pat-a-cake and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

He Doesn't Love - Long naps, playing on his own, car rides, pureed peas


8 Months: Quote from his baby book "It's been a slightly better month. Thank goodness!" Still in that wanting to be carried around all the time phase. Just being held wasn't (still isn't) ever enough though... continuing to follow in Adelaide's not-an-easy-baby footsteps, he needs to be held while I'm standing and moving around, or jumping on whoever is hold him's lap. He started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking (and started crawling just after he turned 8 months old) as well as sitting up from lying down, so the mattress got dropped! He had a couple of nights (which I'm pretty sure I remember Adelaide having too) where he woke up crying several times and when I looked on the monitor, he'd just be in his crib on hands and knees crying, like his body was forcing him to practice even though all he really wanted and needed was to be sleeping. Funny and sad at the same time. He started saying "Mama" a lot (rather than just babbling "mamama", though not necessarily always in reference to me :) He finally started pushing that night feeding to 5-6am and became a big fan of table food, especially anything he could feed himself. He's still super smiley, even on his grumpy days it's easy to get a smile out of him :)

He loves: Being held and carried around; Adelaide, of course; feeding himself peas, zucchini, plums, sweet potatoes; banging things, he gets the most satisfied look on his face when he makes something "bang"

He doesn't love: Car rides or being put in his car seat, that's his favorite time to show off how good he is at planking, it's pretty much a guarantee he'll cry on our way home from anywhere :(

Excited to say that at 8 months old (now), things have been so much better, finally! More on that to come when I get to his 9 month update.... probably around the time he's about to turn 1 :)


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